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David Mendelsohn ’12 wrote an article in the Daily Princetonian about his bicker experience. It seems appropriate to put it on this blog because it accurately represents a common (if not the most widely-held) position on the Street’s bicker process. Here is one excerpt:

“I had never meant to bicker. As a prefrosh visiting the school, I scoffed at the idea that someone would actually choose to expose themselves to a selection process. After all, wasn’t applying to college enough? Isn’t there enough pandering to be done once it comes time to apply for internships, grad schools and jobs? Why would we unnecessarily expose our peers to even more selectivity and rejection? The fact that eating clubs at Princeton were even able to sustain the Bicker system was completely beyond me. As a prefrosh, it was a given that I would choose one of the sign-in clubs when the time came.”

If you click on this next link, you will be able to see some of the comments on the article. These, too, reflect commonly held positions on the bicker process. The claims made in these comments are similar to those made on any article about eating clubs: some say that exclusivity is a part of life, others say it shouldn’t have to be one at Princeton, and still others express the opinion that the University’s social life issues are blown way out of proportion. Though the debate itself continues in the same way every time, the fact that it comes up with seemingly every article on eating clubs gives me the impression that it has not been settled so much as it has settled. Throughout eating-club-related articles, the idea remains that things are the way they are, which is the way they always have been, and that is that. Are we dully dissatisfied with the status quo, but not sure how to change it? Or is Princeton’s student body just fine with the way the bicker process works here?

But read the article and the comments. Also, if you would like to know about the whirlwind history of the eating clubs, from way back in the mid-1800s, check out the Eating Clubs Task Force’s summary here.  And of course, leave comments!



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February 3, 2011 at 6:16 am

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